Aquatek silver Water Dispenser W2-170 White (RO)
 Aquatek silver Water Dispenser W2-170 White (RO)

Aquatek Silver Water Dispenser W2-170 White (RO)

Product Features:

  • Unique and High quality Design

  • Supplies clean and pure water the pass 4 stages filtration system.

  • Provide high volume of pure water for  workplace, school, commercial use.

  • Tank Capacity: 4.0Liters for Cold water and 3.0Liters for Hot water

  • 4 Stages RO System

  • Stage 1. Sediment Filter: Remove dirt, rust, sand, small particles.
  • Stage 2. Pre Carbon Filter: Remove chlorine, organic substances.
  • Stage 3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Removes and filters particles as small as 1/10,000 of a micron and most inorganic chemicals (such as salts, Manganese & Iron.)
  • Stage 4.Post Carbon Filter: Polishes and refines for a great tasting and pure drinking water.